Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tidal Wave of Thoughts--Tsunami Musings 2010

Throughout centuries, Kauai and her sister isles have had to endure plenty of Mother Nature's whippings. Hurricanes, earthquakes, disease, invasive plants, and of course a less environmental beating (but no more painful) colonialism. And time and time again, she has bounced back, stronger, more humble, and more enriched because of it.

As I sit in my living room today, three thousand miles from the Garden Isle, watching CNN coverage of the tsunami destined to wash Hawaii's shores, I imagine the people of Kauai as I know them: sitting near Sleeping Giant, banding together, sharing papaya, talking story, and marveling in the power of nature.

If any people know how to embrace natural happenings (I won't say disasters, it's too early for that), it is island people. After Iniki, the locals gathered together to help rebuild. After the tourist slump, the people hunkered down and tried innovative ways to lure visitors back, and the list goes on.

I write this not only to send love and strength to all people affected by the Chilean earthquake this morning, but to also remind us all that the power of nature pales by comparison to the power of people in great numbers working together. If there is destruction, we will rebuild. Together.

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