Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Negotiating the Condo Conundrum

The majority of lodging opportunities in Kauai are condos. Spread throughout the east, south, and north shores, you’ll find a condominium option for nearly every price range. However, finding the right unit for you, might take a little research.

There is no central booking agency for any one particular condominium complex and décor is all over the map. For the most part, each condo unit is individually owned and operated, which means two condos right next to each other will be entirely different.

Another consideration is that some condo complexes are “resort condos” which means that they are a condo with resort benefits (often this means that the company will charge a resort fee; this will be noted if it is the case), like maid service, wireless, etc.

An easy way to negotiate the condo conundrum is to contact a rental agency, tell them exactly what you are looking for, and then ask to see specific pictures of the units they suggest.

Below are the vacation rental companies that I like most:

(808-822-7700 or 800-367-5004; fax 808-822-7456. www.castleresorts.com).

(808-822-5216; fax 808-822-5478. www.rosewoodkauai.com. rosewood@aloha.net.)

Parrish Collection
(808-742-2000 or 800-325-5701; fax 808-742-9093; www.grantham-resorts.com, stay@grantham-resorts.com).

Poipu Connection:
(808-742-2233 or 800-742-2260; fax 808-742-7382; www.poipuconnection.com, poipu@hawaiilink.net).

Suite Paradise:
(808-742-7400 or 800-367-8020; fax 808-742-9121; www.suite-paradise.com, mail@suiteparadise.com).

Hanalei North Shore Properties:
(www.vacation-rental-kauai; 808-826-9622 or 800-488-3336; fax 808-826-1188)

Oceanfront Realty:
(www.oceanfrontrealty.com; 808-826-6585 or 800-222-5541; fax 808-826-6478).

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