Friday, December 12, 2008

Why We Love Rain

It is a popular saying on Kauai that we wouldn't have rainbows without the rain. There's a reason that Hawaii's lisence plate has a rainbow on it; why "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" has become sort of a Hawaiian anthem; and why the islands are so green. Rain happens. Often at the most undesireable moment: just when you arrive at the beach or right before you set out to hike the Hanalau Trail.

Coming from the mainland in winter, it is tough to accept the rain. We want sun, beach and to wear a skimpy dress at night. But the rain is part of the allure. Over the years, I have come to accept and even love rainy days on Kauai. What better excuse to curl up with a book on my lanai (it's not like it gets cold), play games with the family, and just relax. Often when we go on vacation, we feel the need to fill our calendars up with constant events and it is nice to have a reason to stop, slow down and just be. Try watching the rain land on a banana leaf; hearing the birds sing just before a storm; hunting for rainbows over the sea; smelling the wetness as it feeds the trees and even taking a little walk in a downpour. What better way to experience nature.

And my little packing tip: make sure to take a good book, a deck of cards and an affable attitude towards the rain. Kauai wouldn't be as beautiful without it.

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